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Dot Physical Exam in NYC by Dot CDL Physical

Dr Ataul

Certified Medical Examiner of Pilots, Mariners, CDL Drivers, and More..

Dr. Ataul Chowdhury

Certified DOT Medical Examiner, Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

Dot Medical Card and Dot Physical Certification in New York are now a hassle-free experience for you with the committed DOT physical doctors of Dot CDL Physical. Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers in NYC consider us as their first place to go for their CDL.

What’s the DOT Physical Exam?

It’s a mandatory physical examination all CDL holders need to have. As a commercial driver, you need to carry a medical card ensuring you pass the physical exam.
If you consider yourself a conscious professional public vehicle driver, Dot CDL Physical understands your preferences and we do not compromise our quality to offer you a comprehensive service based on your personalized requirements.

The decision is yours!

Dedicated experts of Dot CDL Physical are all set to examine your overall health to make sure that you pass the DOT exam.

A set of tests are done here by the certified expert DOT Physical Doctors in NYC.


We are special because we have

  • Standards according to FMCSA
  • Cost-effectiveness and seamless
  • Same-day/Next-day appointment
  • Multiple Locations
  • Great Customer Service
  • Efficient communication

Our highest priority is to offer you exceptional customer service. We maintain a transparent communication with our DOT CDL Physical Exam patients to meet their unique requirements. We ensure cost-effective, incomparable, patient-friendly, and all-inclusive services. In the transport industry, DOT Physical is the most reliable DOT Medical Test place. Our industry standard dot physical exam will give you an experience which will go beyond your expectations. Make an easy appointment with our DOT Physical doctor and get the best individualized comprehensive service in Bronx, NY


How Can You Prepare Yourself for a CDL medical exam in NEW York?

  • Wear loose clothing
  • Continue taking the prescribed medication
  • Avoid using restroom just before appointment
  • Avoid drinking coffee/smoking 30 mins before blood pressure is measured

Our convenient location will save your time to find dot physical doctors in NYC. We know the value of your time as a commercial driver. That’s why we have located our dot Physical in the heart of NYC, Bronx. We cover the whole of New York City and Dot CDL Physical is the first choice of all the Commercial Vehicle Drivers in NYC. We provide physical examinations to all CDL holders.


What to bring on the day of DOT Certification?

  • Eyeglasses/contact lenses/hearing aid which is in use
  • Complete driver information and health history section in examination report
  • List of current medications with name of prescriber.
  • Medical records of existing conditions
  • Contact information

DOT Certification is a very crucial day for a CDL seeking commercial drivers in Bronx. DOT Physical exam ensures your and the community’s safety and fitness. Do not forget to bring the mentioned essential items on the day of DOT Medical. To ensure the assessment accuracy, we encourage you to have transparent communication with our DOT Physical Doctors and cooperate with them. If you follow the guidelines provided by the DOT CDL Physicians, you will achieve your desired success as a CDL Driver in Bronx NY.

What we cover

  • Vision Tests
  • Blood Pressure or Heart Rate Check-Ups
  • Hearing Tests
  • Urine Tests
  • History of Past Medical Conditions Check-Ups

Our team is certified and specialized to give you an all-inclusive service for
medical examination for CDL in New York. We are experts about the
specific requirements of the Transportation Department of the US and we
will secure your chance to reach that standard. Our goal is to prepare
you for a DOT medical card and sustain your career as a
commercial vehicle driver in NYC.

Easy Appointment Opportunity

Book your appointment for dot physical in NYC most easily on our website. You can make an online or walk-in appointment with us. We have both options available for your comfort. Schedule your medical examination for CDL with us at any of your flexible times from your busy life. We understand your responsibilities and walk of life. Our online appointment service is very easy to access.

We care for your personalized preferences. Our experienced dot physical examiners will conduct detailed and in-depth exams. We cover all the particular features that are required in the CDL medical exam. Vision tests, hearing tests, and cardiovascular health assessments are done carefully so that nothing is left untouched. We aim to make sure you are fit on the road for your safety as well as the public who use the road. You might like to know that our dot medical examiners are Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)‘s National Registry certified. So it is easy to understand that we meet every standard mentioned by the DOT physical exam. Our goal is to keep you adaptive to the DOT exam’s specific principles.

We are aware of your unique health condition and requirements. Our certified dot medical examiners will spend enough time to know your medical history, and recognize any health concerns you might have. We believe in facilitating a collaborative and communicative environment to make sure we care for well-being.

Our DOT CDL physical exams are well-organized, detailed, and well-structured. Our friendly and welcoming environment has a very professional ambiance. We will guide you in the process, explain every single step and we are ready to meet your every question. Your blood pressure, your range of motion, and every single aspect are covered to make sure you receive a comprehensive evaluation.

To stay confident and all set, it's important to bring everything that is required for DOT CDL Physical. Bring all your necessary documents, a list of your medications, and papers of your medical history. Take proper rest before you appear for the DOT physical exam. Eat a very light meal so that you feel comfortable during the test. If you follow these small techniques, your dot physical exam will be smoother and more accurate. Follow our blogs for tips and guidelines to maintain your health as a commercial public driver. We focus on giving you updated information and preparing you for your long-term career.

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Are you ready for your DOT CDL medical exam in NEW York? Come to us and let us be your trusted place for your DOT certification. We always prioritize your well-being and we ensure the standards of DOT Regulations. We are promised to support your health in the vibrant and dynamic locality of NYC. Start your journey on the road with a healthy foundation. Choose DOT CDL Physical for an excellent DOT CDL Physical Exam. Travel Safe!


What’s your pricing?

Regardless of health insurance, the charge for a DOT medical exam is $95 ($85 for the exam and $10 for federal reporting). This includes a urine test and an eye exam, too!

How long is the DOT card valid?

2 years if you have no restrictions.

What are the vision requirements?

You must have 20/40 vision in both eyes and be able to recognize standard traffic colors.

Why do I need a urine test?

It’s a kidney screening test for sugar, specific gravity, and protein. Usually carried out to determine the early onset of diabetes or kidney infection.