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Have your DOT Physical conducted by Certified medical examiner.


Certified Medical Examiner of Pilots, Mariners, CDL Drivers, and More..

Dr. Ataul Chowdhury

Certified DOT Medical Examiner, Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

What’s the DOT Physical Exam?

It’s a mandatory physical examination all CDL holders need to have. As a commercial driver, you need to carry a medial card ensuring you passed the physical exam.


What to expect?

  • Vision test
  • Blood pressure/pulse check
  • Hearing test
  • Urine test
  • History of past medical conditions

How to prepare?

  • Wear loose clothing
  • Continue taking prescribed medication
  • Avoid using restroom just before appointment
  • Avoid drinking coffee/smoking 30 mins before blood pressure is measured

What to bring?

  • Eyeglasses/contact lenses/hearing aid which is in use
  • Complete driver information and health history section in examination report
  • List of current medications with name of prescriber.
  • Medical records of existing conditions
  • Contact information

We make sure...

  • Standards according to FMCSA
  • Cost effectiveness and seamless
  • Same-day/Next-day appointment
  • Multiple Locations
  • Great Customer Service
  • Efficient communication


What’s your pricing?

Regardless of health insurance, the charge for a DOT medical exam is $95 ($85 for the exam and $10 for federal reporting). This includes a urine test and an eye exam, too!

How long is the DOT card valid?

2 years if you have no restrictions.

What are the vision requirements?

You must have 20/40 vision in both eyes and be able to recognize standard traffic colors.

Why do I need a urine test?

It’s a kidney screening test for sugar, specific gravity and protein. Usually carried out to determine early onset of diabetes or kidney infection.